Pulmonary Drug Discovery and Therapy

Pulmonary Drug Discovery and Therapy Photo

In the second half of 20th century the accessibility of potential asthma drugs is increased. For the treatment of respiratory disease the drugs are delivered directly to the lungs thereby availability is convenient, portable delivery systems origins of inhalation therapy can be traced back to the early civilizations .This route of administration was unusual until recently. It was discovered that the large highly absorptive surface area of the lung can be used for systemic delivery of proteins such as insulin in the search for non-invasive delivery of biologics. New delivery systems with efficiency and reproducibility to match the high level and therapeutic constraints of biologics are currently in late stage clinical trials. Straight small molecular weight drugs previously administered by injection are tested through the inhalation route either to provide non-invasively rapid onset of action, or to improve the therapeutic ratio for drugs acting in the lung. Gene therapy of pulmonary disease is still in its initial stages but could deliver valuable solutions to currently unmet medical needs. The establishing of the new period is therefore likely to spectator development of many valuable therapeutic products provided by inhalation.

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