Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Clinical Drug Evaluation

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The introduction of biotechnology-derived pharmaceuticals for clinical use has frequently required for the application of unique approaches to evaluating their safety in preclinical studies. There is abundant assortment among these products, which comprise the gene and cellular therapies, monoclonal antibodies, human-derived recombinant regulatory proteins, blood products, and vaccines. There will be distinctive product issues for many of the biological therapies that may definite precise modifications to protocol design and may raise additional safety concerns. Clinical trials are observations which are finished in clinical research and are accompanied only after they have received health authority/ethics committee approval in the country where approval of the therapy is required. These authorities are liable for screening the risk/benefit ratio of the trial. Their approval does not mean that the therapy is 'safe' or effective, only that the trial may be conducted.

  • Pharmacogenetics and Individualized Therapy
  • Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics
  • Drug Discovery and Clinical Applications
  • Molecular Approaches toward Targeted Drug Development

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