Drug designing and Molecular Modelling

Drug designing and Molecular Modelling Photo

Drug design, frequently called as rational drug design, is the resourceful process of discovering new medications based happening the knowledge of a biological target. The saying "drug design" is to also known as ligand design. This molecule design will bind tightly to its target. While design techniques for prediction of binding affinity are practically successful but there are many other properties, such as bioavailability, metabolic half-life, side effects, etc., that  must be enhanced before a ligand can become a safe and efficacious drug. The normal cost of developing new drug molecules and the period taken to market them is high. Molecular modelling methods also known as Computational methods. These techniques can be utilized to speed up drug discovery process for earning new drug molecules. Reliant on the context and the rigor, the subject is often stated to as ‘molecular graphics’, ‘molecular visualizations’, ‘computational chemistry’, or ‘computational quantum chemistry’.

  • Types of Drug Designing
  • Molecular modeling in Drug Designing
  • Research and Development in Drug Designing
  • Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD)
  • In-silico Drug Design and in-silico screening

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